Sarah Wilson


Sarah Wilson is a self-taught artist and artisan maker, who has recently moved to Derbyshire from North Wales, where she lived for 20 years. Sarah uses discarded and unwanted paper items such as newspapers, sheet music, encyclopedias, books and maps in her work and all her basic materials are sourced from her own household re-cycling, local‘ charity shops or auctions to ensure a new lease of life is being given to as many vintage items as possible. Even the cardboard and brown paper used in the delivery of supplies that she has received have been up-cycled into jewellery and other gift items.
The majority of Sarah’s work with newspaper is in English and Welsh but knowing her growing passion for unusual printed materials, her friends are now bringing her newspapers when they go on holiday and this has resulted in pieces being produced which include French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Urdu, Greek, Portuguese and Russian. Sarah’s work has been exhibited in Wales’ at various events organised by the Flintshire Visual Arts and Crafts Network events and at the Helfa Gelf Art Trail. V

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Mixed media on canvas panel.       Mixed media on canvas panel        Mixed media on canvas panel       mixed media on canvas panel        Mixed media on canvas panel

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