Lynne Evans


Although I try to be versatile as an artist, I believe my best work to be Landscapes, especially in pastel. I am fortunate to live close to the Peak District so it is not surprising that a lifelong love of walking in wild places inspires my work. I observe the changing colours of the seasons and remember them in pastel. At my easel I think of the sweeping expanses of heather moors and marching gritstone edges with big shifting skies above them. I try to capture the moment and bring this alive in my canvas for all to see and enjoy, as I have done.
So much pre-history is present in Derbyshire – I poke about in the heather and bracken, seeking the pulse of my ancestors, whilst the sheep and the hawks ignore me. I go home inspired to paint what this ancient landscape has shown me. There is a saying amongst walkers ‘ Take only photographs, leave only footprints,’ but I would leave also my pictures as a lasting memory of the place and time I inhabit.

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