Gillian Woolley Swift


Gillian graduated in Fine Art with honours from Sunderland College of Art in 1970. She went on to do her post grad at Leicester University, which was then followed by 28 years of teaching art in secondary education in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire. Whilst still teaching, Gillian also painted to commission and for exhibitions. In 1999 she started a full time career as a professional artist, eventually setting up her own studio.

Her current work is mainly on canvas and combines various materials both natural and man-made with acrylic paints. She makes use of different coloured sands, pumice, sea-worn slate, pebbles and many others. Her work explores both textural and light-reflective qualities. She also works in abstract form using watercolour with trailed acrylics and other materials on heavyweight paper. Visitors to her studio have been captivated and intrigued by her unique work. It can be found in private collections worldwide,

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