Norbert David


I was born in a small place in Nova, Hungary in 1970. My love and gift for art showed at an early age. When I was 8 years old, I did figurative, eventful drawings in large scales. When I was a child, I won a lot of drawing competitions. My first art teachers with their professionalism they opened new doors for me. In 1984 -against my teachers wishes to follow the artist path-I went to military secondary school because of my passion for kyokushin karate where next to the everyday discipline I self-taught myself in the field of art. Read less From my artwork which I made in the 4 years of Secondary school I had an exhibition in Gyor,Hungary. In 1988 in a Military Cultural inspection I got first prize for my works of art. From 1988 I studied at the Lajos Kossuth Military High School at Szentendre,Hungary as a civil engineer.
After that in 1991 I studied at Janus Pannonnius University on a Visual Art and Drawing vocational course. My art tutors were Ilona Keseru and Laszlo Valko and under their hands I gained a Diploma in Art and in teaching Art in secondary schools. I had many field trips in Italy and in England where I deepened my knowledge of art. My visual work can be seen in many companies design and interior design. As a designer of many visual communication projects as well as an art director my work can be seen across Hungary. I have had exhibitions in Hungary Lenti,Zalaegerszeg,Gyor,Pecs,Mohacs,Dunaujvaros,Budapest. In the UK in Cardiff. At present I run a Gallery in Budapest where I exhibit my own work and I also work as a graphic designer.

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