Zoltan Jancso


He was born in Paszto village in Hungary in 7th of July in 1970.Even in primary school he showed an artistic talent, but his farming parents didn’t believe in that. Zoltan’s art teacher saw in this educationally struggling boy a talent, embraced him, encouraged him and talked to him about art. At the beginning his success was when he was given a cigarette for one of his drawings or in secondary school after entering a competition his drawing was displayed at the school. After this unfortunately his hobby was forgotten, and he only picked up a pencil and a paintbrush in his later life. His best memory is when he had an exhibition in Tulum in the Pepe Nero Club,150 people came to see his paintings.. In Hungary he had a surprising success when he was leading and art camp in Fonyod . A film director (Rajmund Panuvics) and his actress wife (Viktoria Farkas) visited his studio and it lead to a film which was shown in cinemas in Hungary with a title of “Jacky’s world”.
Zoltan is proud that in his self-run business he met kind, talented artists who are not rivals, meet up regularly in or outside of the gallery. He also has exhibitions in the nearby Szimpla- garden. The artist picks his themes from his own life. He only paints landscapes if he has been at the location. As an amateur he likes the humorous society criticism, he likes the colours of Cezanne, the bravery and wit of Picasso, the madness of Bosch, the way Modigliani seeing things also the landscapes from Laszlo Paal. He has had exhibitions in Mexico, France, Romania. His work can be found in lots of countries in Europe, in the USA, Russia, Cuba Mexico and Argentina.

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