Barbara Groome


Barbara Groome has had a very varied and interesting life. From being an ambulance woman to being a Professional Yacht Master for 11 years with many transatlantic crossings under sail. Her love of art and craft have always been apparent but when she finally hung up her wet weather sailing gear she opened a little studio in Dorset where she made lamp shades with various interesting g fabrics. When people started asking for other subjects on their lamps and looking at what was available she decided to paint her own and that is where the Art Lamps came from. They have gone into collections as far as Australia. When she was displaying her lamps she painted a long table with a sea chart and little sketches of beauty spots along the local Dorset coast. Although the table was not designed to sell it got such attention it sold from under her lamps and Art Furniture was born.
Some commissions have included a dining table with scenes of the Needles Light, Old Harry Rocks and in the middle a painting of a small yacht with the the lady who bought the table at the helm. There have also been desks with wild seas on the top, cabinets with octopus crawling over them. One client had a very ugly sewing box belonging to her past mother which she just couldn’t bare to throw away. That found a new life with a picture of her mother and father in the distance walking their dogs in the New Forest. The possibilities are limitless. Barbara has now moved to Jacksdale and after renovating her house she is ready to create again. She likes to bring happy memories to people and loves to express her love of the countryside and the sea.
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