Helen Leaf


My work is inspired by nature and prehistory. I love the beauty of the forms that nature creates such as leaves, twigs, acorns and shells, and like to find ways to make these into bronze and silver pieces that give inspiration in everyday life.I find a lot of beauty in things like the grain of wood or the shape of deer antlers, and try and find ways to work with them to enhance their existing beauty.
 I’m also inspired by the way prehistoric people worked with red ochre, bone and antler, and their deep understanding and connection with their surroundings. I try and work with integrity and in a way that inspires and encourages others.

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Oak Leaf - large Silver - A beautiful large oak leaf from Sherwood Forest, that we've molded and cast in Sterling silver.  £85.00                              Acorn Pendent - small silver - Cast in solid Sterling silver, the original of these acorns came from an oak tree growing in Sherwood Forest. £54.00                       small oak leaf pendent - Silver - A beautiful small oak leaf from Sherwood Forest, which we've cast in solid Sterling silver. £53.00                       Oak leaf Gold Plated - A beautiful small oak leaf from Sherwood Forest Gold Plated on bronze. SOLD


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