Davy Moakes original artwork original oil paintings


As a full-time artist Davy has given demonstrations throughout the North & taught part-time in adult education. He has held one-man exhibitions in Manchester, Doncaster and Nottingham and his paintings have been accepted by the Royal Watercolour Society, the Royal Society for Marine Artists, in many commercial galleries and in open Art Exhibitions. Favoured subjects are landscape, still-life & portrait, using most mediums with a love of experimenting with both subject and media. Attempting to go beyond the imitation of superficial appearance,
Davy's original oil paintings are responsive to the intensity of colour, especially to emphasize shadow colours, which a camera fails to record. He aims to produce an individual interpretation of a scene, rendered in a positive colour key, having regard to painterly qualities and the capabilities of the medium, always maintaining that conventional representation should not be sought at the expense of creating a good work of original artwork


'Spring at Sandbeck' Oil on Canvas - 12" x 16" - framed - £160.00             'Lifeboat Station Whitby' - Oil on Canvas - 12" x 16" - framed £160.00             'Tranquil Pines' - Oil on deep Canvas - 20" x 20" - £195.00             'Whitby Abbey' Acrylic - 16" x 20" framed - £175.00

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